It’s Important to Let Teachers Know we Care

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week
Why Appreciating Teachers Matters

Teachers play a fundamental role in shaping our future and our past. Who doesn’t remember that special teacher that Changed their lives? Teacher appreciation matters.

Besides our warm feelings for the teachers who have touched us,  there are lots of practical reasons we should show them our appreciation:

  • A Stronger Education System: Teachers who feel valued are more likely to stay in the profession, leading to stability and better student outcomes.
  • Improved Student Performance: Appreciation creates a positive learning environment where teachers feel empowered to do their best work.
  • Attracting Top Talent: Competitive pay and respect help draw passionate individuals who want to make a difference.

How to Show Appreciation. Beyond a simple “thank you,” here are some ways to show support:

  • Advocate for Better Pay & Benefits: Teachers often go above and beyond. Competitive salaries and benefits are essential.
  • Support Classroom Needs: Help fund classroom supplies or special projects.
  • Public Recognition: Let teachers know their hard work is valued by the community.
  • Give your Teacher a “thank you” gift that shows you appreciate them.
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Harness the Power of Feng Shui for Good Fortune with a Beautiful Mandala

The Good Fortune Mandala
Have you ever felt like your life is lacking a little bit of luck? You work hard, you set goals, but sometimes it seems like things just don’t go your way. If you’re looking for a way to attract more positive energy into your life, then you should consider incorporating Feng Shui mandalas into your home and a Good Fortune Mandala is a great way to start! (Or you can check out our other mandalas here: Mandala Line-up

What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on creating harmony and balance in your living environment. It’s based on the belief that the way you arrange your furniture and decor can affect your energy flow and, ultimately, your luck in different areas of your life.
How Can Mandalas Help?
Mandalas are circular symbols that are often used in meditation and spiritual practices. They are said to represent the wholeness of the universe and can be a powerful tool for focusing your intention. Feng Shui mandalas are specifically designed to attract positive energy into your space. They are made with symbols and colors that correspond with different  intentions, such as love, success, and good health.

Why Buy a Feng Shui Mandala from Feng Shui Mandalas?
The Feng Shui Mandalas website offers a wide variety of beautiful and unique mandalas to choose from. Each mandala is carefully designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and energetically potent.
Here are just a few reasons why you should buy a Feng Shui mandala from Feng Shui Mandalas:
* Wide variety of mandalas to choose from: With so many different mandalas to choose from, you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your needs and intentions.

* Beautiful designs: The mandalas from Feng Shui Mandalas are not only energetically potent, but they are also beautiful works of art.
* Expertly crafted: The mandalas from Feng Shui Mandalas are created by an artisan who understands the power of Feng Shui.

How to Use Your Good Fortune Mandala
Once you’ve purchased your Good Fortune mandala, there are a few things you can do to maximize its effectiveness.

* Find the right place: The best place to put your mandala is in an area where you spend a lot of time, such as your living room, bedroom, or office.
* Set your intention: As you look at your mandala, focus on your intention for good fortune. What do you want to attract more of into your life?
* Visualize success: Take a few minutes each day to visualize yourself achieving your goals. See yourself surrounded by abundance and prosperity.

By following these tips, you can use your Feng Shui mandala to attract more positive energy into your life and create the good fortune you deserve.

Ready to embrace the power of Feng Shui? Visit the Feng Shui Mandalas website today and find the perfect mandala to help you manifest your dreams!

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Anti-Anxiety Gift

The Perfect Gift

for Someone who is Stressed

Stress Less Mandala Square, the perfect Gift for Someone who is Stressed
So, you’ve got to get a gift for someone you care about who is really stressed out or suffering from an anxiety disorder.

You don’t want to dwell on their situation, but you don’t want to minimize it either.

You just want to give them a gift that they’ll like, and you’d also like to help if you could.

What should you do? Should you just ignore the problem and get them a sweater?

Or maybe you could give them something that could help while not being too intrusive.

For a long time now, we’ve known that creating art is a good way to minimize stress and anxiety. But recently, they are finding that just looking at art can help reduce stress.

So. giving someone a Stress Less mandala print is the perfect solution. It’s the perfect Gift for Someone who is Stressed.

Why? Because it’s beautiful plus it was created with colors and symbols to promote calm.

And now when you buy a Stress Less Mandala print, you also get a Free Mini mandala and a Free Stress Less Pendant as well. That’s A Framed Print, Mini Print and a Pendant all for just $39.00! Wow!

Plus, there is a full money back guarantee and free shipping to US locations.

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got the Perfect Gift for Someone Who is Stressed!

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More about the Stress Less Mandala

Let’s face it. Everyone is feeling extra stress these days. There is so much going on and we all find out about everything that’s going on everywhere. That’s a lot of information. plus we all have our own stressors too.

So anything we can do to help the situation with anyone will actually help everyone. Does that make sense? If you can conquer your own stress, you won’t be contributing to anyone else’s stress and that’s a good thing.

So take a breath. Let yourself get lost for a moment in the mandala and just be. Maybe you might want your own Mandala. Pick the one that makes you feel good.



A Time for Generosity

There are Multiple Types of Generosity

Generosity Mandala

When we think of generosity we often think of giving to the poor. We think of receiving financial help in difficult times. Most of us have seen both sides of this. We’ve given to those less fortunate and we’ve received help when we’ve needed it. But as we enter the “Season of Giving”, I would like for us to expand our idea of what it is and how we can improve the world with ours.

We all get opportunities to be generous each day. We can, of course donate to a cause or person in need. But we also have the option of  to  decide if we are going to give a compliment to someone who needs it. Or give the other guy the benefit of the doubt when he has done something wrong. That’s a type of charity that is just as powerful and within all of our power to give.

I recently created the Generosity mandala to help radiate and attract this quality all day.


Photos of symbols were arranged into a collage and then transformed with intention into this mandala. Symbols used include daffodils which is a flower symbolizing generosity, a beautiful sunrise because when someone is generous it is like a new day has dawned, an elephant and a cornucopia.

Hang this mandala anywhere to attract generosity into your life.

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The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness Mandala

I think sometimes when we consider forgiveness, we think of it as something we do for someone else. “Forgive and forget”  sounds almost wimpy and definitely naïve.   In reality forgiveness is something we do for ourselves.

First by forgiving ourselves and then by freeing ourselves by forgiving others.

  1. Forgiving ourselves: I know that guilt can be a motivating force but in the long run it is destructive and counter productive. When we do something wrong, either intentionally or by accident, it is important to forgive ourselves and move forward. I am not saying that we don’t have to hold ourselves and each other accountable. We do. We need make amends when possible and try to do better next time. But we also need to cut ourselves some slack. Wallowing in guilt does not help anyone and it can keep us from living in joy. The fact that you made a mistake does not make you a bad person. The fact that you feel bad about it just shows that you care. Now resolve to do better and be as charitable to yourself as you might be to someone you love.
  2. Forgiving others: What if someone hurts us on purpose and doesn’t even feel bad about it? When this happens, we may feel hurt, angry, and maybe we even want revenge. We might replay the infraction in our minds over and over and think about how we want to get “even” with whoever hurt us. And oftentimes we should be angry. Righteous anger can be motivating and appropriate. But over time we need to transform that anger into something else – determination, commitment to a cause. motivation for self improvement, or some other positive thing that makes our lives better; our lives, not theirs.

Here’s why; when we continually harp on the wrongs somebody has perpetuated on us, it doesn’t hurt them. In fact it helps them because we are allowing them to hurt us over and over again. Holding on to resentments just holds us down, not them.

You might say, “Yeah, but that person hurt me and it is not fair to just let them off the hook.” It is also not fair to become their accomplice and allow them to win by taking up space in your head. And remember they are human too and might actually be sorry.

Forgiveness Equals Freedom

Regardless, when you forgive. you are freeing yourself. Your tormentor no longer has any hold over you. You are creating space for yourself to heal and to grow. If it is painful, don’t think about them. Furthermore, withholding forgiveness from someone asking to be forgiven just hurts you further. It is all about you. Rising above, puts you in a better position. And as a side bonus, if they aren’t sorry, if they actually are your enemy, they will truly hate for you not to be bothered by them… Not that you will care because by then you will have let go and will be free.

For the forgiveness mandala, I used a picture of a fairy stone which is shaped like a cross which is, among other things, a Christian symbol for forgiveness. I also used photos of tulips, a white rose, and a blue hyacinth; all known to be symbols of forgiveness. I created a collage of these photos and a mandala from that leaving some uncluttered space in the center for healing and growth.

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Forgiveness Mandala

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Manifest: It Sounds Crazy but It Actually Works



So I mentioned in a previous post that I had recently re-read Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success; and one of the things he says in the book is that you should write down your desires and then read them over to yourself when you start your day, before meditating, and before bed. In other words, you should manifest your desires.

This is a great practice for several reasons:

  1. It gets you to stop and think about what you really want. I mean you can’t write down your desires unless you have thought about what they are. It is amazing to me that so many times, we don’t allow ourselves the luxury of saying, “This is what I want.” Not “This is what I think I might possibly be able to get if I am lucky.” or “These are the things I deserve.” Just simply, “This is what I want.” Period.
  2. It forces us to pay attention to what we want so we see opportunities we might otherwise overlook and it helps us in decision making. When we are going about our lives, we get caught up in all sorts of noise but if our desires are top of mind, we can more easily sift through the clutter and act accordingly.
  3. It actually works. Like Feng Shui, like Reiki, manifesting works. I don’t know why or how, but it does.

Keep Trying

I know all this. I know that my life is better when I do this and when I meditate and when I eat right and exercise but I am not  a creature of habit and I lapse. That’s ok because each day I get the opportunity to start again. So that’s what I did a few weeks ago. I wrote down my desires and I started to read them to myself several times a day.

Most of my desires aren’t necessarily related to material things; but some of them are. And one of the things I wrote down was that I wanted to receive an extra $7,000 out of the blue. It is a slow time of year, business-wise and I could use a little cushion. Anyway, last Thursday, I received a check for $5,000 out of the blue from an unexpected source. Yep, out of the blue, I got a check in the mail. Boom!

I had a client once that was so good at manifesting what he wanted that he got spooked.I’m not spooked, I’m grateful and I’m inspired and delighted and motivated to keep up the practice.

I will continue to manifest my best life.


If you are interested, check out my Manifest Mandala; created to help you attract your heart’s desires

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Joy – Who am I to be filled with joy?

Joy Mandala

Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” – Joseph Campbell

When we think of joy, our minds often go back to childhood; a child’s squeal of delight when they get something they wanted or a baby’s infectious giggle.  Children are open to joy and experience it unabashedly, often despite the circumstances of their lives. Many adults, in contrast, only experience it fleetingly and may even feel guilty when they do. I mean who are we to feel joy when the world is in the state it’s in; global warming, pandemics, cut-throat politics, a life that’s lived from crisis to crisis? Who are we to feel joy? Isn’t it a frivolous, naïve emotion in these serious times?

As an adult, I didn’t think much about joy one way or another. I did experience it, I mean it’s a joy to raise kids; but I really did not think about it until I read Deepok Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. In it he suggests that when you meet someone, you might silently send them joy, happiness, and laughter as a gift. That idea stuck with me and I have often gone out in the world silently wishing people this as a kind of game. I have a P.O. Box so I go to the Post Office daily and often send people blessings with my mind. I have frequently seen people stop and relax when I’ve done this. It brings me great satisfaction and often sets the tone for my day.

Joy is not just a reward, it is a choice, a way of life and powerful too. I mean if we can consistently feel happy despite enduring the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’, we have truly won the game of life; and nobody has to lose. We can all win. Think about that for a moment. My winning doesn’t have to depend on you losing. Nobody has to beat anyone and we can all still win.

Recently, I had a friend who was suffering through a difficult time and I wanted to help. I also worry about my son who suffers greatly worrying about the fate of the world. So, like I do, I researched symbols of joy and happiness and created the mandala as a way to attract and radiate bliss all day. I am hoping to help my friend and my son to reconnect with the good feelings that are inside them and nurture them and help them grow.

I hung a print of this mandala in my dining room and already feel the effects.  It’s reminding me to go back to my practice of silently giving people silent gifts and it feels good.


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Joy Mandala



Fame and Reputation

Fame and Reputation Mandala

A lot of times I feel that folks think of this mandala as something to use only if you want to be famous and that makes sense. If you want to be a successful actor or musician or if you want to win the Nobel peace prize, this would be a great mandala to wear or hang in your home. But it affects so much more than that.

If you want to be successful in business, you need to have a good reputation so people will trust you. That’s a no brainer. Think about it; what’s the first thing you do when you are trying to decide which realtor, plumber or contractor to use? You ask your friends about who is good and trustworthy and you go on the internet and look for reviews. How well thought of is this person? Are they reliable? This is true in all aspects of life. We all want to be well thought of in groups that are important to us. It is just human nature and common sense. Really in any aspect of our lives, reputation matters a lot; with our friends, our colleagues and our community.

The symbolism used in this mandala is straightforward. The color for Reputation is red. The shape is Triangle, the number is 9 and the element is fire. Symbols include: candles, the medicine wheel and the third eye. Consequently, for the collage I used several images of items in groups of nine; Nine red candles, lit and glowing, nine red triangles, and a medicine wheel with a feather attached.  I originally tried to incorporate the third eye into the collage and used a photo of my son’s beautiful blue eye but it turned out a little creepy. I find that since I create my collages primarily using photographs, it is best not to use body parts in my mandalas.

To attract fame and/or a positive reputation wear this mandala, carry it or place it in the middle back section of your home or room.

In this quirky video, we tried to illustrate the potential power of Feng Shui Mandalas. If your like the video, please share. Thanks! Until next week.




Wisdom, Knowledge and Personal Growth

Wisdom Mandala
Attract Wisdom, Skills and Foster Personal Growth with this Mandala

When you enter your home, the front left section presents wisdom, knowledge and personal growth. So if you are trying to make better decisions, work on yourself or learn something new, this is a good area to concentrate your attention.

When enhancing any section of your home, you want to start by cleaning, clearing the clutter, and then adding color and items to attract good energy. You always want to use intention when making changes. So, when you are painting or adding art or other items you want to say to yourself, “I intend for these changes to positively effect my life.”

I originally created Feng Shui Mandalas to give people a simple way to add beneficial energy to each section of their home and also mandalas with symbols for all sorts of positive attributes such as gratitude which can be used in any section of your home or worn as jewelry or carried on a keychain or phone grip.

The colors for the wisdom gua are blue and black. Green is also beneficial. The season is late winter and the number is eight. Useful symbols are books, mountains, and anything that represents meditation and self knowledge. In this mandala I used the a photo of the Rodin sculpture, The Thinker (Thinker photo by Tom Magliery) to symbolize contemplation and personal growth. The sculpture is black, the sky and books are mostly blue. The books are arranged in groupings of 8. The tree was photographed in late winter and symbolizes knowledge. The color green promotes growth and the backdrop photograph was a mountain stream. Mountains represent stability. The rocks represent earth.

So that’s what’s in the Wisdom Mandala.