Wisdom, Knowledge and Personal Growth

Wisdom Mandala
Attract Wisdom, Skills and Foster Personal Growth with this Mandala

When you enter your home, the front left section presents wisdom, knowledge and personal growth. So if you are trying to make better decisions, work on yourself or learn something new, this is a good area to concentrate your attention.

When enhancing any section of your home, you want to start by cleaning, clearing the clutter, and then adding color and items to attract good energy. You always want to use intention when making changes. So, when you are painting or adding art or other items you want to say to yourself, “I intend for these changes to positively effect my life.”

I originally created Feng Shui Mandalas to give people a simple way to add beneficial energy to each section of their home and also mandalas with symbols for all sorts of positive attributes such as gratitude which can be used in any section of your home or worn as jewelry or carried on a keychain or phone grip.

The colors for the wisdom gua are blue and black. Green is also beneficial. The season is late winter and the number is eight. Useful symbols are books, mountains, and anything that represents meditation and self knowledge. In this mandala I used the a photo of the Rodin sculpture, The Thinker (Thinker photo by Tom Magliery) to symbolize contemplation and personal growth. The sculpture is black, the sky and books are mostly blue. The books are arranged in groupings of 8. The tree was photographed in late winter and symbolizes knowledge. The color green promotes growth and the backdrop photograph was a mountain stream. Mountains represent stability. The rocks represent earth.

So that’s what’s in the Wisdom Mandala.


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