Protection Mandala

Mandala for Protection

Protection mandala

 In this crazy world, we all want to feel safe and protected. Therefore, I created this mandala as a talisman for protection. I designed it with the intention of creating a protective field, around your home or person. Therefore, it also makes a wonderful gift for someone who doesn’t feel safe. Give them and yourself peace of mind with this mandala.

Symbols for Protection

I used a collage of images of the corona virus with the intention of using these images to create safety.  Much like a vaccine that uses the essence of what is dangerous to nullify that danger. I created the mandala at the beginning of the Covid-19 scare in March of 2020 and wore then it continuously until I was vaccinated. Still haven’t gotten the virus and my home remains safe as well.

While this mandala was created with Corona virus photos, it is intended as energetic protection in any situation.

Protection in Action

My son had to go on a road trip to Arkansas to pick up his father’s remains. It was a long trip. So, I was concerned about he and his friend because they were young and I worried about car safety and also about them contracting the Corona virus (This was before there was a vacine). I gave them each a protection mandala and told them to keep it wherever they went. They did. It gave me peace of mind and they came back safe and sound.

I also created another version with the same intent pictured below.
Protection II Mandala

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