Mandala Line-up

Ed Feng Shui Mandalas Attract Good Energy to Improve Your Life

Your home is divided into 9 sections called the bagua. Each area represents an aspect of your life and there is a Feng Shui Mandala especially created to enhance the energy of each of those sections to make your life better. Attract positive energy into your life using Feng Shui Mandalas.

So what part of your life needs improvement? Whatever it is, there is a beautiful mandala designed to help!

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Prosperity Mandala Fame and Reputation Mandala Love Mandalas 2021
Prosperity Fame and Reputation Love
Family Mandala Good Health and Balance Mandala Creativity Mandala
Family Good Health & Balance Creativity and Children Mandala
Wisdom Mandala Success mandala Helpful People and Travel
Wisdom & Personal Growth Career Success Helpful People & Travel


Meaningful Mandalas are Made with Symbols and Intention to Make You Feel Good!

These mandalas were created using colors and  symbols to represent an emotion, value, or other quality to attract positive energy to improve your life.
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One Earth United in Peace Freedom Mandala Teacher Appreciation Mandala
One Earth United in Peace Freedom  Teacher Appreciation 
Happiness Mandala Victory Mandala Good Fortune Mandala
Happiness Victory Good Fortune
Meditation mandala Serenity Mandala Gratitude Mandala
Meditate  Serenity Gratitude
Love Mandala 2011 Peace Mandala Custom Mandala
Love 2011  Peace Custom Mandala
Manifest Mandala Protection Mandala Friendship Mandala
Manifest  Protection Friendship 
Healing Mandala Joy Mandala Forgiveness Mandala
Healing  Joy  Forgiveness
Inspiration Mandala Protection II Mandala Peace for Ukraine Mandala
Inspiration  Protection II  Peace for Ukraine
Kindness Mandala Perseverance Mandala Generosity Mandala
Kindness  Perseverance  Generosity
Courage Mandala Ingenuity Mandala Recovery and Sobriety
Courage  Ingenuity Recovery & Sobriety 
Stress Less Mandala Copyright 2023 Jeanne Ellen Russell Mandala for Empathy and Remembrance Mandala for Hope
Stress Less  Empathy and Remembrance Hope Mandala 

Feng Shui mandalas are designed to delight and inspire using  symbols, colors and intention to attract positive energy into your life.  Indeed, you can feel it. Consequently, these mandalas are not only beautiful works of art but powerful talismans to improve your life. So hang a prosperity mandala in the back left section of your home and see what happens.

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