Family Mandala

Family MMandaladala

Family and Ancestors

This mandala was created to represent and support family. The number for family is 3, so I used 3 photos. Columns are beneficial for this gua and symbols include Orchids and blossoms. The season is spring and the color is green. The photos used were an orchid, a spring hyacinth and the Parthenon which has columns and is representative of ancestors.

This is a great mandala to display if you want to support your family relationships. Do you tend to feel unloved at family gatherings? Do you have a difficult relationship with your sister, brother or mom? This mandala. when used with intention can help you create better family relationships. It is not magic but if you want better relationships, this can help you focus on that goal and can help ease the tension. It also makes a wonderful gift for anyone who cares about family.

Where to Place this Mandala

Place in the middle left section of your home or room to support family and ancestors. This gua is also related to paying your monthly bills so if that is a problem, the family mandala is for you. Each mandala comes with an information sheet that tells about the mandala and how to use it. Plus it is really pretty and shipping within the US is free.

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