About Feng Shui Mandalas

About Feng Shui Mandalas

These mandalas are designed to help improve your life by attracting positive energy to your space. Feng Shui means “wind/water” and is the ancient art aligning objects with the forces of nature to enhance our lives. Energy or “qi” (pronounced “chi”) is all around us and can be harnessed to improve the quality of our everyday lives. Indeed, it effects our lives whether we harness it or not.

Mandala comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “circle” or “completion” and represents the Cosmos. Mandalas are used as spiritual teaching tools, to establish a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation. Plus they can attract positive energy to make your life betterw.

Feng Shui Mandalas help harness that energy to make things better.

Feng Shui Mandalas are art combatable with the Bagu

The Bagua

In feng shui, the home is divided into 9 zones called the bagua. Each section influences a different aspect of our lives. Therefore, you want to make sure the energy is positive and powerful to help you achieve your aims in life. For example, if you wanted to attract new love into your life, you would enhance the back, right section of you house or room which effects relationships and love. You attract good energy, first by clearing a space and removing negative influences, and then by intentionally placing items in the space that you want to achieve.

How do I use Feng Shu Mandalas?

Intention is important. You don’t have to do anything. But you can enhance the power of your mandala with intention. Therefore, when you hang your mandala on the wall or wear a mandala pendant, decide that it is going to help you. Use it as a talisman for good things.

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Mandalas and Anxiety

According to the experts, anxiety disorders are on the rise. Modern life is extremely stressful. We have so much information invading our space all day every day and so much distracting us from our goals.

We’ve known for a long time that creating art can be beneficial in treating stress and anxiety. Art therapy is an accepted form of treatment. But recently, they have found that just looking at art can help a person combat stress. That’s good news.

I designed Feng Shui Mandalas to help. They attract positive, intentional energy. Feeling stressed? Try looking at a Serenity mandala or an Stress-Less Mandala and allow yourself to get lost for a moment. Breathe. Then you come back to the world and resume your day.