Peace for Ukraine

Peace for Ukraine Mandala

I created this mandala to express Support for Ukraine and to manifest a just Peace for Ukraine. Indeed, I used 4 pictures to represent this;  a blue and yellow bird to represent freedom, a field of Sunflowers to represent the people of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Flag, and  a trident because sometimes you must fight to achieve peace.

Display this mandala to express solidarity with Ukraine.

Ukraine is fighting for Democracy for all of us. Therefore, half of all profits from this mandala will go to Ukrainian Relief. (See United 24 below). Feel free to contact me to find out how we’re doing on this by sending an e-mail to, Subject: Peace for Ukraine. Thanks to everyone sending out peaceful vibes and help for Ukraine.

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Some Organizations that Provide Help for Ukraine

Renew Democracy Initiative – Victory For Ukraine Is A Must
https://www.rdiukraine.orgRDI Is Committed To Supporting Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom And Democracy Against Russia. Subscribe To RDI’s Weekly Newsletter And Podcasts For Updates On Ukraine’s Fight.

United 24 Raising Funds for the Most Critical Needs in Ukraine  

United24 was founded in May 2022 by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy to raise funds and support for Ukraine amidst the Russian-Ukrainian war. indeed, Zelenskyy launched United24 as a digital global initiative, allowing anyone from anywhere to easily donate funds to assist Ukraine. So, the initiative distributes funds received to the Ukrainian departments that need them most, including defense, and humanitarian and medical aid programs.

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