Freedom Mandala

I created this mandala to radiate and attract Freedom.

I  used images representing freedom, created a collage and then transformed it with intention into the mandala pictured above.

Symbols of  an American flag, The Declaration of Independence, an Eagle, Fireworks, the Statue of Liberty, an open book, a bird of paradise flower, the Liberty bell and globe thistle were used.

“Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.”- Pericles

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I originally created this mandala for a silent auction to benefit Samuels Public Library in Front Royal, Virginia.

This public library was targeted by a national “freedom” group whose mission was to get books banned. Freedom of thought and speech is fundamental to living in a democratic society. Therefore, local citizens banned together to support the library and fight off the attempts to defund it if they did not ban books. The group of real patriots eventually prevailed. The open book used in this mandala was included to emphasize the importance of liberty when it comes to education and reading.

We must be free to debate issues and be exposed to ideas that make us uncomfortable. Indeed, being exposed to differing view points actually helps us clarify our own views and thought.

Okay, I’ll get off my soup box now. Just know that this mandala is full of intention for liberty and justice for all.