Victory Mandala


Let’s face it, whether it is in life, love, business, or sport, we all need a win every now and then. And that’s what you get when you absorb the energy of the Victory mandala.

This mandala was designed from symbols of victory.

  • The Laurel Wreath
  • Gladiolus – which means sword and symbolizes strength, victory, and pride
  • The Gentian flower which brings victory
  • A gold medal
  • A Peregrine Flacon

So if you want a win in any area of life, this is a great way to harness that successful energy. Or maybe you just want to be seen as a winner. Then wear the pendant or hang the print in any section of your home.

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Sometimes just feeling like a winner can help you win. You have to believe it to achieve it. And just knowing that you have a secret weapon can give you that extra bit of confidence to help you win,

This mandala also makes a wonderful gift for someone you support. You can give it as a congratulations gift or as a talisman to help your favorite candidate or athlete. Or you can give the pendant to someone interviewing for and important job. The possibilities are endless. and as always, we have a money back guarantee if you find you aren’t satisfied. So be a winner and treat yourself or your loved one to a Victory mandala today!