Joy Mandala

“If you carry joy in you heart, you can heal any moment.” – Carlos Santana

Jump for Joy!

I created the Joy mandala to radiate and attract Joy.

Joy is a powerful emotion and when placed with intention, the joy mandala will enhance any section of your space.

If you want to attract good energy in any aspect of your life, this is a wonderful mandala to use. I used images of symbols representing including: a wheel representing the Dharma Chakra which in the Buddhist tradition represents the eight-fold path that leads to true enlightenment and joy; a field of sunflowers, which represent happiness; a Lily of the Valley, which among other things, represents happiness, and a photo of a wheat grain ear which in the Baltic tradition represents Potrimo, who wore a wreath of grain ears and was known to be a very merry deity. Then I arranged the images into a collage which I transformed with intention into the special mandala pictured. Use this mandala to attract and radiate joy.

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