Ingenuity Mandala

Ingenuity Mandala

This mandala was created to radiate and attract ingenuity. Ingenuity is the quality of being clever, original, and inventive. Who couldn’t use that?

I used Four photographs that symbolize this quality and arranged them into a collage. And then transformed them into this beautiful mandala. A Protea plant makes the background with a weasel, a clematis plant and the Dame-dame symbol from West Africa which is a game and also symbolizes this trait.  We made the symbol yellow because yellow is the color for ingenuity. Use this mandala to get an edge all day!

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Ingenuity is essential if you want to be successful in life. Indeed, whether you want to run a business, a home, or literally anything, there are going to be unexpected hiccups. That just the way life is.

And you’re not always going to have the exact tool or help you need. That said, if you have ingenuity then you can handle whatever problems that come up.

Think of the ingenuity mandala as a secret way to tap into your inner Macgyver. You’ll be ready for anything.

Get the Ingenuity Mandala as a gift for anyone starting a new business or embarking on the adventure of parenthood or anything else. Get it!