One Earth United in Peace

One Earth United in Peace
The One Earth United in Peace mandala was created to radiate and attract Unity and Peace. I used a collage of images symbolizing unity and peace. Symbols include: a dove, an olive branch, a couple in love, a field, the earth from space, hearts, and hands of unity.

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”
– Desmond Tutu

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It feels like everyone is always in conflict. Furthermore, there is war, famine and even children are caught up in it. Consequently, this mandala was created to manifest One Earth United in Peace. Indeed, we only have one earth and we all have the responsibility to try to live with one another in peace.

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Help create peace in the world by displaying this Mandala with intention and by giving it as a gift.

It reminds us of our desire for peace as we go out our daily routines.

Maybe you should send one to a world leader that needs to be reminded of the importance of unity and peace. It can be done! 😉

Each Mandala comes with an info sheet which explains how to best use the Mandala.

Mandalas  are great tools for meditation. Firstly, get comfortable. Then gaze at it and breathe. Allow yourself the get lost in your mediation and feel the love and the oeace. Breathe.

One Earth United in Peace