Happiness Mandala

Happiness Mandala

What do you wish for the people you love? Happiness. Indeed, the pursuit of happiness is even acknowledged as one of the freedoms that were identified in the Declaration of Independence. It is important and it is something that everyone deserves.

Sometimes it is an elusive goal. We know it when we meet it and we know it when we feel it. What if instead of constantly pursuing it, we could attract it like honey attracts bees? That’s what I designed this mandala to do. Attract Happiness all day with uplifting colors and symbols that will make you smile.

I  created this mandala to attract and radiate happiness. Give this mandala to someone you love and brighten their day.

Created with bright photos of symbols to make you smile

  • Sunflowers
  • A Puppy
  • A Rainbow
  • An Ice Cream Cone
  • the Blue bird of happiness
  • and a Beautiful Rose

Hang this mandala somewhere where you can see it when you need a pick me up. Smile!

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I created this mandala for my friend Teresa. She was going through a difficult time and I wanted to ease her burden. Now, I am always so glad when I see her wearing her pendant and look and the infectious smile that she wears with it.