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Everyone Wants Success

This Feng Shui Mandala was created to radiate and attract Career Success. If you are ambitious, want to clarify your purpose, or need help with your career, this is the mandala for you!

The colors for this gua are black with grey or blue accents. The season is winter and the number is one. Useful symbols are a meandering stream, doorways, fish and Mountains. In this mandala the artist used one photo of the Shenandoah River. The river is flowing steadily and powerfully as you move steadily and powerfully towards your goal. The colors are blues, blacks, and greys. The image was transformed with intention into the beautiful success mandala.

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In feng shui, art can be an issue because sometimes there are unintended consequences. For example: a friend of mine had trouble in her career. She just could not get ahead. So she hired a Feng Shui consultant who noticed a picture she had hanging the center, front section of her home (the career section). It was a charming church scene. The problem was that the church had a grave yard next to it.  Therefore, her career was in the grave yard too. She moved this picture to a more appropriate location and things got better right away.