Fame and Reputation

Fame and Reputation

Fame and Reputation Mandala

This mandala was created to radiate and attract fame and a positive reputation.

Want to get a great part in a movie or play? Or maybe you want to get a promotion at work? Or be seen as a leader in your community. If so, the Fame and Reputation mandala is your secret weapon to attract positive attention with whatever you do.

The color for Reputation is red. The shape is Triangle, the number is 9 and the element is fire. Symbols include: candles, medicine. the wheel and the third eye. Consequently, for the collage I used several images of items in groups of nine; Nine red candles, lit and glowing, nine red triangles, and a medicine wheel with a feather attached. To attract positive attention, place this mandala in the middle back section of your home or room.

Reputation Mandalas make great gifts for anyone, especially those who seek fame or rely on their good reputation to establish and maintain success.

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