Prosperity Mandala

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Prosperity Mandala

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This Mandala was created to radiate and attract Prosperity.

The colors for prosperity are Purple, Green, and Gold. The number is four. The season for prosperity is late spring and early morning is the time of day for prosperity. Consequently, I used 4 main images for this mandala; a stack of coins from all over, a money tree, an expensive jewel the color of the earth, and a photo of flowering trees with the colors of green, gold and purple which were taken in the morning of a spring day. (Easter in fact)

The images were arranged into a collage, and then transformed into the special mandala pictured.

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When I was first introduced to Feng Shui, I had a radio show with a couple of friends and we had a frequent guest who was a Feng Shui Consultant. I had money issues at the time and So did not hire her until after I witnessed results that my co-hosts had when she consulted with them.

Consequently, we I finally hired her, I was already a fan. And I was able to double my income within one month of our meeting.

She consulted with me on the symbols I used to create this mandala and I am so happy with the result!