Welcome to Feng Shui Mandalas and Meaningful Mandalas

Have you ever entered a space and it just felt wrong?  Or walked into a place and felt immediately welcome and at ease? The difference is Feng Shui. Indeed, beautiful Feng Shui Mandalas are created using symbols and intention to attract positive energy to make your life better. 

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Your home is divided into 9 sections called the bagua. Each area represents an aspect of your life and there is a Feng Shui Mandala created to enhance the energy in each of those sections and so improve your life.
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Prosperity Mandala Fame and Reputation Mandala
Prosperity Reputation Love
Family Mandala creativity Mandala
Family Good Health & Balance Creativity
Wisdom Mandala Success
Wisdom & Personal Growth Career Helpful People & Travel


Meaningful Mandalas

These mandalas were created with symbols and intention to represent an emotion, quality, or other principle to attract positive energy to make your life better. Feeling stressed out? Maybe you would like to hang a Serenity mandala right where you will see it when you wake up each morning. Click on a mandala to find out more.

meditate serenity mandala
Meditate Serenity Gratitude
Love 2011
Peace Mandala custom Mandala
Love 2011  Peace Custom Mandala
Manifest Mandala Protection Friendship Mandala
Manifest  Protection Friendship 

Feng Shui mandalas and meaningful mandalas were made using  symbols, colors and circumstances that attract positive energy.  Indeed, you can feel it. Consequently, these mandalas are beautiful works of art and powerful energy enhancers too. So hang a prosperity mandala in the back left section of your home and see what happens,