Kindness Mandala

Kindness Mandala

This mandala was created to radiate and attract kindness. I created a collage using four images that symbolize kindness and from that, created a mandala with the intention to bring more kindness into the world. I used an image of a pelican which is a Christian symbol for kindness. The pelican is swimming on a lake with its image reflected in the water which represents how kindness is reflected back to the giver. The second symbol is a parasol which represents kindness in the Buddhist tradition. The parasol pictured was given to me by an exchange student from Japan as she headed back to her country, a kind gesture indeed. The third image is a bluebell which was a Victorian symbol for kindness. And finally, a beautiful lotus flower which blooms in beauty despite inhospitable conditions.

Place this mandala in any section of your home to promote and reflect kindness in any aspect of your life.

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It is so easy to be kind but sometimes we forget. So, the kindness Mandala will remind you to choose kindness and will help attract kindness as well. One thing I learned when I read Depok Chopra’s book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success m, was that you can give someone a gift by silently wishing them joy, happiness and laughter. After reading it , I started doing it. Furthermore, I have noticed that even when I don’t say anything, people still feel it. Isn’t that amazing and wonderful?

A kindness Mandala makes a wonderful gift for someone who has been kind to you or who needs more kindness in their lives.