Custom Mandala FAQs


Custom Mandala FAQ’s


  • What if I don’t have my own photos? That is fine. We can take or acquire photos for you depending on what you want. Let’s say you want a mandala to encourage someone who is going through a difficult time. We can research universal symbols but also use information that you provide to create the mandala.
  • What if I don’t like the mandala? We will work with you to create a mandala that delights you and it we can’t come to an agreement; we will refund your money. The mandala is not finalized until you approve the design
  • How long does it take? It usually takes a couple of days plus shipping time. That said it could just take a few hours, The time varies depending on what is required and our workload but we will work within your deadline whenever possible.
  • I’m not good at writing. Do I have to email my requirements? No, if you like, we can set up a call where you can tell us what you are thinking.