You Can Do it!

Perseverance Mandala

This mandala was created to foster perseverance. A collage of Three photos was used: the Lotus Flower, a Tortoise, and an Oak Tree. The lotus flower is a Buddhist symbol of perseverance and resilience. Being an Aquatic flower, it grows underwater in murky, difficult conditions. It goes through the daily struggle to come out of muddy and dark waters and finally reach the vitality of sunlight. The tortoise is a symbol of perseverance. Even though the tortoise slow, it reminds us that we can accomplish our goal if we don’t give up. The Ancient Celtic people, the Greeks, and the Romans all held the oak tree as a symbol of strength, resistance, and perseverance. It is the oak tree’s nature to attract lightning and remain standing in its face. Oak trees can also live up to 300 years.

This mandala attracts people with a “Can do” attitude.

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