Stress Less Mandala

Stress Less Mandala

Let’s face it. Stress and anxiety are everywhere. We all feel it. And we all know someone who is really struggling with it. They might be taking meds or seeing a therapist but you still want to help. That said, you don’t want to make everything about their anxiety. That’s where this mandala comes in. It is beautiful and makes you feel good.

This Mandala was created to help relieve stress and anxiety. It  uses colors and images that represent calm. The colors blue, green and purple are calming.

This mandala is grounded with an image of a blue sky with green trees. It also includes images of:

  • A field of lavender known to have anti-anxiety properties
  • a lotus which is a symbol of calm
  • a green plant known for it’s stress relieving qualities
  • and a basket of lilacs which are beautiful and purple.

Use this mandala when you meditate, to attract calming energy and as a talisman for peace and calm. Or give any of these items to a loved one that suffers from anxiety and stress. They will love the unique and special gift.

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