Forgiveness Mandala

Free yourself !

I created this Mandala to Radiate and Attract Forgiveness.

This attribute is very powerful and when placed with intention, this mandala will enhance any section of your home. If you want to attract good energy in any aspect of your life, this is a wonderful mandala to use.

I used a collage of photos of symbols of forgiveness to create this mandala; a fairy stone which is shaped like a cross, a white rose, a blue hyacinth and daffodils. The center is clear to symbolize giving yourself and others room to heal.

Place this mandala in any section of your home to free yourself and to heal. Letting go of past hurts and injustices creates room for beautiful and wonderful things to happen in your life.

when you forgive someone, you are actually giving yourself a gift. Resentment and constantly thinking about how you were wronged is draining and holds you back. Additionally, feeling guilty is also draining and counterproductive. So it is important to forgive yourself. When you have truly forgiven yourself and others, a huge weight will be lifted leaving room for a wonderful future!

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