Good Fortune

Good Fortune Mandala

I created this mandala to radiate and attract Good Fortune. I assembled photos of Symbols of Prosperity, Luck,  and Good fortune into a collage and transformed it into the beautiful, powerful mandala pictured.

Symbols for Good Fortune include:

  •  Four Leaf Clover
  • Acorns (Because The acorn is a small and unassuming seed that holds within it the potential for great growth and prosperity)
  • Bamboo (the hollow stem of the bamboo is what channels the positive energy and symbolizes Good Fortune.)
  • An Elephant ( Elephants are associated with abundance, which is related to overall good fortune.)
  • Ankh (The ankh was often depicted being held by the gods, who used it to bless the pharaohs and their people.)
  • a Peony – In Japan, they represent bravery, honor and good fortune and are known as the King of flowers in Japan and China)
  • and a Ladybug (long Considered lucky because they help farmers’ crops thrive)

Hang this mandala in any section of your home to attract good fortune to any aspect of your life.

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Luck, prosperity, and happiness. It is what you wish for people you love.

This mandala make a wonderful unique gift for anyone. Newlyweds, someone who just bought a home or anyone just starting out in life.

This is the vibe you want when you enter a space. Want your business to feel prosperous and successful? Hang this mandala by the front entrance. Want your home to feel safe, cozy and welcoming. Hang this mandala where it can be seen by anyone who enters.

An auspicious state resulting from favorable outcomes. synonyms: good luck, luckiness. Antonyms: bad luck, ill luck, misfortune, tough luck. an unfortunate state resulting from unfavorable outcomes.

prosperities, prosperous circumstances, characterized by financial success or good fortune.