Peace for Ukraine

This mandala was created with the intention to manifest Peace for Ukraine. I used 4 pictures to represent this; the Ukrainian Flag to represent freedom from war and for all the citizens of Ukraine, a blue and yellow bird to represent Ukrainians flying above and rising to the occasion, a trident because sometimes you must fight to achieve peace, and finally a field of sunflowers to represent the Ukrainian people.

Half of all profits from this mandala will go to Ukrainian Relief. Each Month I will post the organization receiving the donation  and the amount each month on this page until the crisis has passed. Update: as of 9/27/2022 Рwe have not sold any Peace for Ukraine items from our website but we were able to donate a couple of framed prints to relief organizations to auction off or use as they see fit. Will continue to update this page if we get orders. Thanks to everyone sending out peaceful vibes and help for Ukraine.

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