Custom Mandala

custom Mandala

A Custom Mandala Made Just for You!

Would you like a custom mandala created to give as a gift or to support your individual goals?

I will create a beautiful custom mandala using digital photos that you provide or using my photos selected based on the guidance that you give. Together we can create a mandala that supports your desires.

Give a unique gift made just for your loved one.

What could be better?

Does your friend or spouse have a particular flower that they love? Or maybe you share special memories of a specific place or they like specific colors or foods? We we will use these clues to create a beautiful mandala created just for them.

Here’s an example of a custom mandala created to be a Mother’s Day gift.

Here is the guidance and photos used for this mandala:

“These are images that make me think of my mom. She loves the jersey shore. She always has the most beautiful lilies and is an avid reader.”

image for custom mandala1  image for custom mandala 2 image for custom mandala 3

If you don’t have pictures, that’s ok, just describe what you are looking for and your intentions for the mandala in the checkout instructions. We will get back with you if we have additional questions.

What you get

When you order a custom mandala, you will receive a printed mandala framed in a wooden 11X14 inch frame. The mandala will be labeled with name you provide. In addition, we will send you an email with a PDF file and a JPG file of the mandala. Each mandala comes with an information sheet about fengshui mandalas and about that specific mandala.

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