Why Does Everyone Always Want to Meet at my House?

Why does everyone want to meet here

I love my home. It is an old house that needs some love and it is not the cleanest place you could visit but it is mine and I love being here. I feel comfortable and at ease. And I am not the only one. When we have a game night, “Let’s do it at Jeanne’s”. When I was recently involved in a political campaign, we held our meetings at my house. People love being here even though it is often in need of a sweep or a vacuuming (I have three cats).

People tell me I’m a good host but lately it occurred to me that what really sets my house apart is the feng shui. My home is intentionally welcoming.  When you come in, there is a mandala hanging in the helpful people and travel section to the right of the door. I have been using feng shui and feng shui mandalas for so long that am not always conscious of the effect it has on people that visit but it is there. You can feel it when you arrive,

I am so grateful and I intend to use this blog to share some of what I’ve learned that can help you feel more comfortable in your space too.

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