A Time for Generosity

There are Multiple Types of Generosity

Generosity Mandala

When we think of generosity we often think of giving to the poor. We think of receiving financial help in difficult times. Most of us have seen both sides of this. We’ve given to those less fortunate and we’ve received help when we’ve needed it. But as we enter the “Season of Giving”, I would like for us to expand our idea of what it is and how we can improve the world with ours.

We all get opportunities to be generous each day. We can, of course donate to a cause or person in need. But we also have the option of  to  decide if we are going to give a compliment to someone who needs it. Or give the other guy the benefit of the doubt when he has done something wrong. That’s a type of charity that is just as powerful and within all of our power to give.

I recently created the Generosity mandala to help radiate and attract this quality all day.


Photos of symbols were arranged into a collage and then transformed with intention into this mandala. Symbols used include daffodils which is a flower symbolizing generosity, a beautiful sunrise because when someone is generous it is like a new day has dawned, an elephant and a cornucopia.

Hang this mandala anywhere to attract generosity into your life.

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