Manifest: It Sounds Crazy but It Actually Works



So I mentioned in a previous post that I had recently re-read Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success; and one of the things he says in the book is that you should write down your desires and then read them over to yourself when you start your day, before meditating, and before bed. In other words, you should manifest your desires.

This is a great practice for several reasons:

  1. It gets you to stop and think about what you really want. I mean you can’t write down your desires unless you have thought about what they are. It is amazing to me that so many times, we don’t allow ourselves the luxury of saying, “This is what I want.” Not “This is what I think I might possibly be able to get if I am lucky.” or “These are the things I deserve.” Just simply, “This is what I want.” Period.
  2. It forces us to pay attention to what we want so we see opportunities we might otherwise overlook and it helps us in decision making. When we are going about our lives, we get caught up in all sorts of noise but if our desires are top of mind, we can more easily sift through the clutter and act accordingly.
  3. It actually works. Like Feng Shui, like Reiki, manifesting works. I don’t know why or how, but it does.

Keep Trying

I know all this. I know that my life is better when I do this and when I meditate and when I eat right and exercise but I am not  a creature of habit and I lapse. That’s ok because each day I get the opportunity to start again. So that’s what I did a few weeks ago. I wrote down my desires and I started to read them to myself several times a day.

Most of my desires aren’t necessarily related to material things; but some of them are. And one of the things I wrote down was that I wanted to receive an extra $7,000 out of the blue. It is a slow time of year, business-wise and I could use a little cushion. Anyway, last Thursday, I received a check for $5,000 out of the blue from an unexpected source. Yep, out of the blue, I got a check in the mail. Boom!

I had a client once that was so good at manifesting what he wanted that he got spooked.I’m not spooked, I’m grateful and I’m inspired and delighted and motivated to keep up the practice.

I will continue to manifest my best life.


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