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Feng Shui Mandala Stash Boxes

Mandalas Stash Boxes Carry a stash box with you wherever you go. Feng Shui Mandala stash boxes are great for keeping your pills, homemade lip gloss, or as a place to carry your tiny treasures. Stash boxes make great gifts and are perfect way to share a special treasure with a friend..

A Stash Box to Carry your Tiny Treasures

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About Feng Shui Mandalas

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I recently got the opportunity to design mandalas for the tops of little jars for my client’s packaging. It was a wonderful experience creating mandalas based on my clients inspiration. We worked together until he was satisfied that his vision was satisfied.

You too can have mandalas designed for your unique purposes. Just call or email with your ideas.

Applying resin to stash box lids
Resin is applied with living care