Looking for a Unique and Affordable Gift for that Student in your life?

You want a unique and beautiful gift for a student but don’t know where to find it.

  • You want to be the one that gives them the gift that they open and say, “Wow! This is so cool!,” instead of that polite smile with the mumbled “Thanks”
  • But you don’t have time to go scouring the brick and mortar shops for that perfect, elusive present… and even if you did, all the shops have the same old, same old products anyway…
  • You might find something different and special on the web but shutter when you think of the the shipping and handling fees. Because as much as you do care about finding the perfect gift, you don’t have that kind of money… Ugh!

Well, here is the answer for you. A Feng Shui Mandala Glass-fronted Pendant for Wisdom, Knowledge and Personal Growth is unique, beautiful, affordable and the perfect gift for any student or anyone interested in learning new things or improving themselves.

  • These pendants are unique. The mandala was created with images symbolizing wisdom and created with the intention of attracting positive helpful energy to whoever wears it.
  • So it is a perfect talisman to wear while studying or taking a test.
  • Feng Shui Mandalas are beautiful too. People will be stopping to complement your style.
  • And for the next couple of days, you will get a free matching set of earrings with each Glass-fronted pendant order – FREE
  • Plus, did I mention the FREE SHIPPING to US Locations?
  • These pendants are only $14.97


Wisdom Pendant with Earrings

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  1. You’ll get a glass-fronted pendant with information card
  2. Free Matching Earrings
  3. Free Shipping

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