Fame and Reputation

Fame and Reputation Mandala

A lot of times I feel that folks think of this mandala as something to use only if you want to be famous and that makes sense. If you want to be a successful actor or musician or if you want to win the Nobel peace prize, this would be a great mandala to wear or hang in your home. But it affects so much more than that.

If you want to be successful in business, you need to have a good reputation so people will trust you. That’s a no brainer. Think about it; what’s the first thing you do when you are trying to decide which realtor, plumber or contractor to use? You ask your friends about who is good and trustworthy and you go on the internet and look for reviews. How well thought of is this person? Are they reliable? This is true in all aspects of life. We all want to be well thought of in groups that are important to us. It is just human nature and common sense. Really in any aspect of our lives, reputation matters a lot; with our friends, our colleagues and our community.

The symbolism used in this mandala is straightforward. The color for Reputation is red. The shape is Triangle, the number is 9 and the element is fire. Symbols include: candles, the medicine wheel and the third eye. Consequently, for the collage I used several images of items in groups of nine; Nine red candles, lit and glowing, nine red triangles, and a medicine wheel with a feather attached.  I originally tried to incorporate the third eye into the collage and used a photo of my son’s beautiful blue eye but it turned out a little creepy. I find that since I create my collages primarily using photographs, it is best not to use body parts in my mandalas.

To attract fame and/or a positive reputation wear this mandala, carry it or place it in the middle back section of your home or room.

In this quirky video, we tried to illustrate the potential power of Feng Shui Mandalas. If your like the video, please share. Thanks! Until next week.




Wisdom, Knowledge and Personal Growth

Wisdom Mandala
Attract Wisdom, Skills and Foster Personal Growth with this Mandala

When you enter your home, the front left section presents wisdom, knowledge and personal growth. So if you are trying to make better decisions, work on yourself or learn something new, this is a good area to concentrate your attention.

When enhancing any section of your home, you want to start by cleaning, clearing the clutter, and then adding color and items to attract good energy. You always want to use intention when making changes. So, when you are painting or adding art or other items you want to say to yourself, “I intend for these changes to positively effect my life.”

I originally created Feng Shui Mandalas to give people a simple way to add beneficial energy to each section of their home and also mandalas with symbols for all sorts of positive attributes such as gratitude which can be used in any section of your home or worn as jewelry or carried on a keychain or phone grip.

The colors for the wisdom gua are blue and black. Green is also beneficial. The season is late winter and the number is eight. Useful symbols are books, mountains, and anything that represents meditation and self knowledge. In this mandala I used the a photo of the Rodin sculpture, The Thinker (Thinker photo by Tom Magliery) to symbolize contemplation and personal growth. The sculpture is black, the sky and books are mostly blue. The books are arranged in groupings of 8. The tree was photographed in late winter and symbolizes knowledge. The color green promotes growth and the backdrop photograph was a mountain stream. Mountains represent stability. The rocks represent earth.

So that’s what’s in the Wisdom Mandala.


Why Does Everyone Always Want to Meet at my House?

Why does everyone want to meet here

I love my home. It is an old house that needs some love and it is not the cleanest place you could visit but it is mine and I love being here. I feel comfortable and at ease. And I am not the only one. When we have a game night, “Let’s do it at Jeanne’s”. When I was recently involved in a political campaign, we held our meetings at my house. People love being here even though it is often in need of a sweep or a vacuuming (I have three cats).

People tell me I’m a good host but lately it occurred to me that what really sets my house apart is the feng shui. My home is intentionally welcoming.  When you come in, there is a mandala hanging in the helpful people and travel section to the right of the door. I have been using feng shui and feng shui mandalas for so long that am not always conscious of the effect it has on people that visit but it is there. You can feel it when you arrive,

I am so grateful and I intend to use this blog to share some of what I’ve learned that can help you feel more comfortable in your space too.