Mandala Prints

Beautiful Mandala Prints, Framed and Ready to Hang or Matted to Be Framed by You

There is a mandala print compatible with every section of the Bagua.

In feng Shui it is so important to have art compatible with the section of the home in which it is hung. Contradictory symbols can dampen the qi (or energy) of your space and have unintended negative consequences. That’s where feng shui mandalas come in. They are created to attract beneficial, positive energy that supports your goals. The Bagua
(Front Door)
Indeed, these mandalas attract positive energy all day. So no matter what you want to accomplish, there is a ready-to-hang mandala perfect for your space. In addition, some mandalas, such as gratitude and peace can be hung in any section of your home with positive results.

Buy a feng shui mandala today to add beauty and originality to any room in your home. These mandalas also make special and unique gifts for anyone that you truly care about. What do you get for someone who has everything? A feng shui mandala will make anyone happy and will let them know you care.

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Each mandala comes matted and framed in an 11″ by 14″ wooden frame and includes an information sheet that tells you all about Feng Shui Mandlas and how to use them.

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