Family and Ancestors

This mandala was created to represent family. The number for family is 3, so the artist used 3 photos. Columns are beneficial for the gua and symbols include Orchids and blossoms. The season is spring and the color is green. The photos used were an orchid, a spring hyacinth and the Parthenon which has columns and is representative of ancestors.

Place in the middle left section of your home to support family and ancestors. This gua is also related to paying your bills so if that is a problem, this mandala is for you.

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  • Family Mandala Framed Print

    Family Mandala Framed Print

    This mandala was created from images representing Family. The images were arranged into a collage and then transformed a beautiful mandala that when placed with intention supports family including paying your monthly bills.

    The Mandala is printed on high quality photo paper and put into a 11" X 14" frame. It comes with an information sheet that explains Feng Shui Mandalas and how to use them.


    Family Mandala Framed Print

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