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Feng Shui Prosperity Mandala

Everybody wants more money. Some of us really need more money. But what can you do? Find a better job, invest in the stock market, invent a cure for the common cold ... There are many ways to earn money and to increase wealth. In feng shui, we arrange our environment to attract helpful chi (energy). Feng Shui Mandalas help create an environment that just crackles with good energy. This Feng Shui Mandala was created to attract Prosperity. That wonderful unexpected “I won the lottery” kind of prosperity that everyone dreams about. Want to be a money magnet? Then this mandala is for you. 

Feng Shui Attract Money

This mandala was created from images representing prosperity. The colors for prosperity are Purple, Green and, Gold. The number is four. The season for prosperity is late spring and early morning is the time for prosperity. Consequently, the artist used 4 main images in this mandala; coins, a money tree, an expensive jewel the color of the earth, and a photo of flowering trees with the colors of green, and purple which were taken in the morning of a spring day. The images were arranged into a collage, and then transformed into the powerful mandala pictured above. The finished mandala is a unique work of art that has been imbued with positive energy to attract wealth.

To draw prosperity into your life, place this mandala in the back left section of your home or room. And watch as money starts pouring in from all sorts of unexpected places. (Don’t forget to clean and de-clutter the room first. The energy needs space to circulate.)

(Front Entrance)

Prosperity Mandalas make great gifts for recent graduates, newlyweds, or anyone with financial concerns.

Each Feng Shui Mandala is an limited edition. When you buy a feng shui mandala you have a get a license to print it only twice.  Once 50 have been sold, the mandala is "retired" and a new mandala is created. They also come with an information sheet which explains feng shui mandalas and how to use them.

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If you would like to order a feng shui mandala already printed, matted and ready to frame, visit: The More Feng Shui Gifts page where you can order physical mandalas and other feng shui gifts.

Hang this beautiful prosperity manadla and watch as money flows into your life. You will be beautifying your home with this symbolic representation of abundance, feng shui money and you will feng shui attract money for years to come. For more information on attracting Prosperity and on money bags feng shui, visit: