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Love Mandala

Lonely? Wake up every morning hugging only your pillow? Or do you have relationships that make you wish that you woke up hugging only your pillow? Once you’ve cleared the clutter out from your bedroom and the romance section of your home (the back right corner) you are ready to attract some good lovin’ chi. One way (the best way if you ask us) is with a feng shui love mandala. Each love mandala has been imbued with positive, loving energy to help you attract the perfect mate or enhance the relationships you already have.

This mandala was created from images representing love. The number for this gua is two so the artist used two photographs to create this mandala, a bouquet of red roses, and a topaz stone. The stone represents earth which is the element for love. Topaz has yellow which is one of the colors of romance along with red and white. The
white comes from the babies' breath in the bouquet. The topaz stone is also heart shaped which represents deep feelings. The pictures were taken in the afternoon which is the time associated with this area of the bagua. The topaz is photographed on a circular background which is a shape associated with love. The two pictures were arranged into a collage, and then transformed into the powerful mandala shown above. The finished mandala is a unique work of art that has been instilled with positive energy to attract love or improve the relationships you already have.

Love mandalas make great wedding and anniversary gifts.

Each Feng Shui Mandala is an limited edition. When you buy a feng shui mandala you have a get a license to print it only twice. Once 50 have been sold, the mandala is "retired" and a new mandala is created. They also come with an information sheet which explains feng shui mandalas and how to use them.

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If you would like to order a feng shui mandala already printed, matted and ready to frame, visit: The More Feng Shui Gifts page where you can order physical mandalas and other feng shui gifts.